We engage in project work that contributes to connectivity and related services within the environments we work in

Microsoft Airband

Microsoft Airband partners with AirJaldi to connect rural India

Access to broadband means access to opportunity. Microsoft's Airband team supports AirJaldi's efforts to provide meaningful connectivity across India


Public WiFi hotspots in rural areas - AirJaldi and Facebook's XWF

Between 2015 and 2019, AirJaldi worked closely with Facebook's Express WiFi initiative to develop a public WiFi hotspot solution for rural areas

AirJaldi Power TellTale

An open-source power monitoring and alerting system for relays and other network components

Earthquake Early Warning System

Airjaldi supports SeismicAI, an innovative EEW company, in setting up and connecting sensor systems in rural Uttarkhand

Trees, trees

Every year, our teams across India plant trees in areas close to our networks