We provide training on networking with a focus on rural areas. We also host and facilitate courses and workshops on rural connectivity and applications

Running a sustainable rural operation requires a well-trained and committed work force. In line with this basic necessary condition and as par to our commitment to rural development, we have given dozens of courses to hundreds of trainees, mostly in rural areas,. We also hosted workshops and courses of local and international organizations who share our interest in rural connectivity and applications.


Wireless 108 is our foundation course which every deployment team member is required to complete. This course provides them with both theory and practical knowledge of how to manage wireless networks efficiently. Building relays, connecting clients with the best possible signal are some of major tasks for our team and this course aims to make them professionals in that. On-field projects and internships with live networks, help cement what they have learnt with Wireless 108.

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“Our village is in a very remote place and we didn’t have any internet facilities before AirJaldi arrived here. Now, we no longer need to commute 70-80 Km to get connected.”dd

Piyush Manviya, Private User, Katkumbh, Maharashtra

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